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Sormat Academy trains fixers

Sormat has been a trailblazer in the training of fixing professionals from the very beginning. Sormat Academy was established in 2006 so that Sormat’s partners can serve their own customers with the best possible expertise in fixing solutions. Already hundreds of Sormat’s partners and end users have been trained at Sormat facilities in Finland or the customers’ facilities across Europe. At Sormat Academy, we guarantee our customers thorough technical and commercial expertise in fixing solutions. Safety is a top priority for Sormat. We are strongly committed to the training of partners so that we can guarantee that they can use and sell Sormat products. Trainings provides Sormat’s partners and customers with an opportunity for updating their professional skills and solutions for practical fixing problems with the help of Sormat Academy’s instructors. Sormat Academy provides training in Finnish, English, German, French and Swedish. We can also provide training in other languages, such as Russian, with the help of interpreters. Our training programme is comprised of three parts: basic level, intermediate level and advanced technical level.