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ISH ITH accessories, applications

Internal threaded anchor to be used with ITH injection resins in hollow base materials

  • ISH female threaded socket can be used with metric threaded studs and bolts. Ideal for solutions where the fixture may have to be removed or adjusted.
  • Sockets are normally used with IOV sieve sleeves that are placed into the borehole prior to the resin and the socket.
  • ISH can be used as such in solid materials without the IOV sieve sleeves
  • The socket is to be set flush with the base material surface.

Technical features

Steel, zinc plated


  • For injection resins
  • ISH M6 can be used with IOV 12
  • ISH M8, M10 and M12 can be used with IOV 20

ISH Products

Type Code Eta approval Other
ISH M6x48 9640072622 No
ISH M8x80 9640072623 No
ISH M10x80 9640072624 No
ISH M12x80 9640072625 No

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