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ISL ITH accessories, installations

Hi-end mixer nozzle with ITH resin means that anchoring is always a success

  • Common two-component chemical anchoring
  • Resins mix in the mixer nozzle. Squeeze a test strip of min. 10 cm out until you see the two different-colored components completely mixed.
  • Sormat ITH range cartridges are always equipped with one or two mixers. A stiff spiral inside the mixer allows the resin to flow and mix properly. Use only homogeneously mixed resins!
  • In general, you can store partially used cartridges with the mixer on. Change mixer before reusing.
  • If the drill hole is deep, the 200 / 1000 mm long mixer nozzle extension ISL EXT can be used with ISL to reach the bottom of the hole.

Technical features



  • For injection resins

ISL Products

Type Code Eta approval Other
ISL 9640072603 No
SE1000 9570040142 No

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