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TYPE LPA A4 Liebig® Superplus

Unique solution for retrofitting grounding systems

  • Automatically self-undercutting, unique heavy duty anchor for pre-set installations.
  • Connects retrofitted grounding systems to reinforcing bars in concrete structures.
  • Liebig® Superplus Lightning Protection Anchor shares the characteristics and performance of the SUPERPLUS self-undercutting anchors.
  • A4 for indoor, outdoor and industrial use.

Technical features

Threaded stud, nut, washer, additional nut and washer
Stainless steel, A4
Suitable conditions
Dry indoor / Humid indoor, rural outdoor / Outdoor


  • Retrofitted grounding systems.

Base materials

Also suitable for
  • Non-cracked concrete

TYPE LPA A4 Products

Type Code Eta approval Length Drill hole diameter Fixture thickness
M8-14BS085 A4 9650814085 No 85 mm 14 mm

Additional information