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TYPE BLS-P Liebig® Superplus

Simply the best heavy duty self-undercutting anchor in the world

  • Automatically self-undercutting, unique heavy duty anchor for pre-set installations.
  • Simplest, quickest and safest solution on the market.
  • Economical: No special drill bits, undercut tools or setting tools.
  • Minimal expansion forces allow for small spacings and edge distances.
  • ZP for dry indoor and temporary outdoor use.

Technical features

Threaded stud, nut and washer
Steel, zinc plated
Suitable conditions
Dry indoor


  • Elevators
  • Power plants (e.g. Nuclear)
  • Safety and crash barriers
  • Heavy hydraulic pipe support
  • Façade elements on slim base material
  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Cranes and crane runways
  • Steel structures
  • Machines
  • Base plates

Base materials

Approved for
  • Cracked concrete
  • Non-cracked concrete

TYPE BLS-P Products

Type Code Eta approval Length Drill hole diameter Fixture thickness
M12-20/150/30 9651150030 Yes 220 mm 20 mm 30 mm
M12-20/80/15 9650180015 Yes 135 mm 20 mm 15 mm
M16-25/200/40 9655210040 Yes 290 mm 25 mm 40 mm
M16-25/150/40 9655250040 Yes 240 mm 25 mm 40 mm

Additional information


January 25, 2021

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