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Sormat products have several national and international approvals. All approvals are based on the quality control of independent bodies. For construction products, the most important approval is the European Technical Approval ETA.

Even among professionals, the ETA is not particularly well known. One of the reasons is the complexity of the system; the ETA for metal anchors consists of 12 alternative options. Each option consists of a certain amount of tests to be performed on the product. In option 1, many different properties of the product are tested, whereas in option 12 just a few properties are tested. This means that products in option 1 have much more official data available on their properties than those in option 12. In other words, an option 1 product is more transparent in terms of its possible range of applications.

The CE–marking is a conformity marking based on the EU directive on construction products, which in turn governs national legislation. By the CE-marking the manufacturer ensures that the products conform to all
requirements stated in the EU directive. The requirements concern product dimensions, raw-material and the final product as such. The right to use CE-markings requires a European Technical Approval, ETA.

According to the Quality Policy of Sormat, the products must fulfil not only customer demands, but also official requirements. When choosing a Sormat product, as a retailer or as an end user, you can be sure about the conformity, safety and suitability of the product – even in the most demanding applications.