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What are the benefits for the customer when Sormat is the manufacturer?


Flexibility and speed. Sormat has extensive inventories of its products. If basic goods are ordered in the morning, the order is dispatched to the customer the very same day. Even special products can be delivered flexibly with a fast schedule. Sormat also has a warehouse in Germany for dispatching urgent deliveries to Central Europe.

Special products and sizes Sormat can manufacture completely customised and unique products to meet the customer’s special needs.

Western manufacturer Many customers find it important for manufacture to take place in Western Europe. Customers can also bring their own customers on-site to visit the production facilities in Rusko, Finland. They can also be trained as users of the products at the same time.

Price/quality ratio Because Sormat manufactures the products itself, there are no intermediaries.

Listening to the customer Sormat annually arranges events where customers can present their wishes to Sormat’s representatives directly. Customers can thereby take part in product development concretely.