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How can I find out the load capacity of a fixing?

We do not market our products with maximum load values but comply with safety margins tested to be safe when specifying the permitted and recommended loads. The unit of loads is kN, with 1 kilonewton (1 kN) ≈ 100 kg. In other words, 0.1 kilonewtons (0.1 kN) ≈ 10 kg.

The allowed traction load of an OLA hollow wall anchor, for example, in a single-gypsum board wall is 0.25 kN ≈ 25 kg.

In selecting the fastener, the type and properties of the base is a primary consideration. In addition, the type of load, distance of the fixing from the edge and another fixing as well as the conditions of use (e.g. corrosion caused by moisture) have effects on the durability of the fixing.

The permitted loads of Sormat products are presented on the online service product page under Performance.