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Now days the summer cottages are equipped with modern amenities that needs to be installed with reliable fasteners. This article discusses the most common attachments to stone and rock, for example, on the shore of your own summer cottage. The Finnish Sormat has taken on the task of making these attachments as smooth as possible.

Where ever Your cottage is located, the Sormat fixings can be found close. Find the nearest point of sale in our reseller locator. Do You have a fixing problem? Send it to us for resolution. Have a relaxing holidays!

Without proper fixings, the waves will break the pier!

Fixed and as well as floating docks need to be anchored firmly. Often the docks also needs be disconnectable. The constant movement caused by the waves and hitting the pier strains the moorings. The metal attached to the stone is even harder and starts to easily wear out the surrounding stone or concrete that comes together in the attachment to give up and in the worst case will break. The hinge bases and mooring frames of the piers are fixed to the sea cliff with either a hot-dip galvanized through bolt or a chemical resin with studs or rods. Chemical fastening with a threaded rod is easy to do and the through bolt installation is easier to dismantle if the pier structure is moved away for the winter. Finns’ favorite piers manufactured and know how by Tähtilaituri Oy you can find them here. Here is a video of through bolt installation.

Sormat tip: Through bolts should always be tightened to just the right torque with a torque wrench!!

The so-called cliff piers may need ground support to establish it in the bedrock. The steel structures of a handsome rocky side pier are often placed right at the water’s edge, so that, depending on the variation in surface height, the moorings are sometimes even below the water’s surface. If the fastening is completely under water or exposed to the constant effect of water, Sormat recommends using a stainless steel fixings or threaded rods for the fastening with a chemical anchoring compound. With chemical resin, the attachment can also be done underwater. Stainless steel through bolts are also suitable for ground support mounting, but the advantage of chemical anchoring compound is that the compound seals the borehole, improving the long-term corrosion resistance of the mounting. The Finnish A-Laiturit Oy, which operates right next to Sormat in Raisio, is a long-standing professional in beach equipment. You can get acquainted with a comprehensive range of solutions from here.

Stands for flagpoles and wind turbines should be detached from the surface of the stone

Stands for flagpoles, solar panels, wind turbines, and other tall structures usually need to be mounted on a garment,  uneven surface can cause problems, such as a boulder or rock surfaces. It is not necessary to start pouring the concrete slab or sole or mixing the soldered concrete immediately, as you can fasten the structure off the base with a threaded rod or stud attached with a chemical anchoring compound. For remote installation, you only need a few nuts and washers to install the base plate horizontally. Be sure to rotate a metal anchor, such as a stainless steel threaded rod, exactly vertically. The summer cottage’s technical solutions and installation services are provided by Suomenlahden Saaristopalvelut Oy.

All Metal Anchors can be attached with chemical resin!

In rocky soils, stairs, walkways and terraces are convenient to set up off the ground on top of pillar shoes. Pillar shoes, rock wedges and other gripping irons can also be attached without soldering concrete or chemical anchoring by beating them in a borehole or counter wedge, but that is not a long lasting solution. In addition, installation with resin, it allows you to adjust the installation depth of the shoe before the resin cures. A great implementation of fixing rock stairs with chemical resin can be found on Villa Volhu’s blog. Pillar shoes and Sormat’s anchors can be found at the nearest K-Rauta nationwide.

Prevent the corrosion with the correct materials

At the summer cottage, pay special attention to the corrosion resistance of the fasteners and the compatibility of the materials of the various components used in the fastening, such as bolts, washers and nuts. A common mistake is to use electrogalvanized steel fasteners meant for dry interiors in conjunction with aluminum, e.g., when attaching swimming ladders. Galvanic corrosion invariably causes rapid corrosion of the base metal. The imprint is ugly and the neighbors laugh when the brackets have rusted brown in one summer. In addition, the end result may be failure of the attachment.

With Sormat’s products and advice, your summer cottage project won’t fail at least because of fixings!

Thanks for the picture material to the professionals of the summer cottage equipments: