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How to mount a flat screen TV to a concrete wall

Concrete is the most common building material for exterior walls and load-bearing partitions. A flat screen TV stand can be attached to a good quality concrete wall using a nylon plug or concrete screw. The original NAT nylon plugs or Gripper all wall plugs are a safe and durable choice. In addition to plugs, the racks are increasingly fastened with a flanged concrete screw, such as Sormat’s S-CSA.

Mounting the stand on a concrete wall

First, determine the correct location for the stand and mark the locations of the mounting holes with a pen on the mounting base. Use a tape measure and a spirit level.

Drill a hole in the concrete using a good quality concrete drill bit with an impact drill or hammer drill. Use a drill or hammer depth limiter to ensure a sufficiently deep borehole. Basic rule for drilling depth: plug length or concrete screw length (L) + 5 mm

Installing the nylon plug: tap the nylon plugs into the drill holes with a hammer and align the mounting holes on the stand. Use cap screws, the length of a suitable screw is the length of the plug (L) + the thickness of the base of the stand + 5 mm. Secure the stand base to the wall with screws.

Installing the concrete screw: Align the mounting holes on the scaffold and pre-install the concrete screws in place by hand twisting. The concrete screw is installed through the base of the scaffold using either a socket wrench or an impact screwdriver and a socket size of 8 mm or 10 mm suitable for the hexagon head (AV) of the concrete screw.