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Sormat boxes will see a facelift within year 2017

Sormat new package
Sormat packages and labels will be renewed within this year. 

Sormatin uusi etikettiWe are updating our package and label outfit to better represent our current visual style. Our intention is to make the product selection to be easier at the shop corridors by making the label as informative as possible without any unnecessary information. The packages will get new fresh looks and the label will have a full color picture of the product. We have kept the user friendliness in mind when we have designed the label, so that all the relevant information would be in sight when needed and the right product would be found easily.

All the packages will stay the same size as they have been, and the familiar orange color will be present with fresh white. The information in the label will be organized in a logical and easily readable order and all the labels follow the same pattern. The right product should be found more easily.

Sormatin uusi vannepakkaus

Also our banding packages will get a new ingenious form. The new package will hold the band in order and keep it clean. And it will be easy to pull the right amount straight from the feed hole. The users doesn’t need to open the package at all. Very practical indeed!