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Unleash the beast: Gripper™ All Wall Plug!


Gripper™ functions in board, hollow and solid walls, in any type of construction material. It is the ultimate All Wall, go-to, can’t-go-wrong plug for the all of the most common fastenings in construction, renovating and interior design projects. Gripper™ represents the cutting edge in wall plug design.

Thanks to the DuPont™ Hytrel® material it can withstand long-term loads, impacts, wear, moisture, chemicals, changes in temperature and storage better than ordinary plugs can! The GripEdge friction surface guarantees a durable grip in all types of wall materials. Gripper™ is super-safe and easy to use, since the hinge’s mechanical locking holds, even when the screw is not tightened all the way. The Lo-Vis micro rim keeps the plug at an optimal installation depth while remaining hidden beneath the screw.

Gripper™ is designed and made in Finland, so you can count on its superior quality in all conditions. You’ll also be impressed with its outstanding performance abilities.

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The ultimate All Wall plug with superior strength and…