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We are streamlining our concrete screw line

We are reforming and streamlining our concrete screw line.

Our existing concrete screw selection has some overlapping with Multi-Monti®, S-CS and S-CSA product families, and there are also differences in product labeling. In the reform, the S-CSA product group will replace S-CS and Multi-Montit® concrete screws, which will be left out of the Sormat range as soon as the current stock is sold. A bit of the less common Multi-Monti ans S-CS products that we do not yet have a replacement product from the S-CSA range will remain for a while.

This reform eliminates duplication between product groups and clarifies the selection process. In the future, the right product choice will be more comfortable.

Practical differences between S-CSA and Multi-Monti product groups

  1. Product size marking
    a. In S-CSA screws, the size means the drill bit that is needed -> The right tool is easier to find.
    b. For Multi-Monti the size is the diameter of the screw -> You have to understand to choose a suitable drill bit.
  2. The S-CSA HEX screws have a hexagon base with a fixed sleeve and a Torx drive
    a. A fixed washer facilitates installation and reduces breakage of the substrate.
    b. The implied Torx socket provides more versatile mounting possibilities than regular hex drive.

S-CSA <> Multi-Monti cross reference list

Open the PDF-version by clicking the picture.
Out going concrete screws

S-CSA <> S-CS cross reference list

Open the PDF-version by clicking the picture.
Outgoing S-CS screws