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MB ITH accessories, installations

Handy basic tool for cleaning drill holes from dust and debris

  • Metal brush is the most fundamental and basic tool to have always on hand for cleaning of bore holes.
  • Thorough cleaning of boreholes is very important for safe installations. Proper cleaning makes installations easier.
  • Dirty boreholes can reduce the performance of the anchor by as much as 50% !
  • Four different sizes of metal brushes cover the main drill hole diameters.
  • Use together with IPUM blow-out pump. For best cleaning results: 2 blows with a blow-out pump, 2 strokes with a metal brush and 2 more blows with the pump.

Technical features



  • For injection resins

MB Products

Type Code Eta approval Length Drill hole diameter Fixture thickness
ø10x300 9640079179 No
ø13x300 9640079180 No
ø18x300 9640079181 No
ø28x300 9640079182 No

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