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ITH 585 EPOXe Injection resins, pure epoxy

ETA Option 1 -approved pure epoxy power

  • Sormat 585 EPOXe is an ETA Option 1-approved, two component, high-performance pure epoxy resin for bonding studs, bolts and rebars. Recommended for professional use only.
  • EPOXe is ideally suited for demanding and safety critical applications with high load requirements. EPOXe works great in oversized holes with large-diameter studs etc. Extended gel time is convenient when the resin is used in deep boreholes and high ambient temperatures.
  • Ideal for post-installed rebar used in structural connections. Suitable for use underwater, in overhead installations and in diamond drilled boreholes. EPOXe offers exceptionally high chemical resistance.
  • Styrene-free, low odor, seismic approval C1 & C2, fire resistance test report up to F240 (rebar), low VOC content A+, NSF certified for contact with drinking water.
  • Store partially used cartridge with mixer on. Reusable until expiry date marked on the product label, if stored properly. Change mixer before reusing. Designated mixing nozzle and 200 mm extension are included with each cartridge. For ordering, spare mixing nozzle kit use product code 9640072914.
  • Suitable conditions related to stud and rebar material qualities: ZP for dry indoor and temporary outdoor use; HGD/MG and A2 for dry and humid indoor use, outdoor in rural areas only; A4 for indoor, outdoor and industrial use; HCR for extremely corrosive conditions.

Technical features

Pure epoxy resin (red), 585 ml cartridge
Suitable conditions
Aggressive / Dry indoor / Humid indoor, rural outdoor / Outdoor / Underwater


  • Structural connections
  • Post-installed rebars
  • Harbour constructions
  • Waterfilled boreholes
  • Underwater applications
  • Overhead installations
  • Diamond drilled holes
  • Close edge applications
  • Small anchor spacings

Base materials

Approved for
  • Cracked concrete
  • Non-cracked concrete
Also suitable for
  • Aerated concrete block
  • Hollow light expanded clay aggregate block
  • Hollow-core slab
  • Natural stone
  • Perforated clay brick
  • Solid clay brick
  • Solid light expanded clay aggregate block

ITH 585 EPOXe Products

Type Code Eta approval Length Drill hole diameter Fixture thickness
ITH 585 EPOXe 9640072946 Yes

Additional information