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IPU 300/410 A Dispensers

Save your time, money and strength with original Sormat IPU extrusion tools

  • High-quality tools for extruding injection resin out from the cartridge into the borehole in chemical anchoring installation.
  • Using a high-quality dispenser can save a considerable amount of time and protects from possible repetitive stress injuries.

Technical features

For ITH 280/300 cartridges


  • For injection resins
  • IPU 300 A = ITH 280/300
  • IPU 410 A = ITH 410

IPU 300/410 A Products

Type Code Eta approval Length Drill hole diameter Fixture thickness
IPU BATTERY 9640072697 No
IPU 300 A 9640072693 No
IPU 410 A 9640072694 No

Additional information