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May 13, 2020

Resin calculator helps to estimate the consumption


ITH Resin installation


1. Drill the right size hole.

The required drill bit diameter Ø is larger than the diameter of the metal anchor used. The diameter of the metal anchor also determines the minimum permissible installation depth of the anchor with the value h1.


2. Clean the hole carefully!

Inadequate cleaning of the borehole can even halve the performance! Use a brush and an air pump. You can also use a bottle brush or a couple of pulses with an air compressor.


3. Make a test pressing

Insert the ITH cartridge into the dispenser and put on the supplied mixer nozzle.
For 165 and 300 ml cartridges, a standard, good quality silicone dispenser is sufficient. Test approx. 10 cm and make sure that the two components of different colors are completely mixed in the nozzle.


4. Fill with resin 2/3

Fill the hole in solid building materials 2/3 full. If you have made several holes, fill a maximum of a couple of holes at a time so that the resin does not have time to cure before you have time to screw a metal anchor into it.


5. Install by twisting!

Always install a suitable metal anchor in the resin by twisting! Just by twisting, the mass penetrates everywhere in the threads of the anchor and makes the attachment durable. Do not clean the overflowing resin wet to avoid unnecessary clutter.


6. Wait a moment

In indoor use and at normal room temperatures, the curing time of the resin is usually only a few minutes. You can always see detailed product-specific information on the side of the Sormat ITH cartridge. Wait for the resin to harden and tap off the excess mass with a hammer and, for example, a chisel-shaped screwdriver.


7. Make more installations

You do not need to use the entire cartridge at once. The nozzle left in place replaces the cap between uses and keeps the resin in workable form. When attaching the new nozzle, be sure that the mass is mixed again.

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