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KBRM P Aerated concrete screws

Screw anchor for quick and easy fixing into porous base materials

  • Self-tapping screw anchors with a coarse thread for push-through installations in porous base materials.
  • Can be installed without pre-drilling and plugs directly into the base material. The thread length is 60 mm.
  • No special tools nor prescribed tightening torque needed.
  • The installation is recommended to be done using a torque controlled machine to avoid over tightening.
  • In indoor and outdoor use.

Technical features

Domed head, T-30 drive
Steel, nano coated
Suitable conditions
Dry indoor / Humid indoor, rural outdoor / Outdoor


  • Battens
  • Squared timbers
  • Sole plates
  • Shelves
  • Cable racks
  • Supports

Base materials

Also suitable for
  • Aerated concrete block
  • Hollow light expanded clay aggregate block
  • Solid light expanded clay aggregate block

Approvals / Certificates

KBRM P Products

Type Code Eta approval Length Drill hole diameter Fixture thickness
8x65 9640075141 No 65 mm 5 mm
8x90 9640075143 No 90 mm 30/10 mm

Additional information