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KBT Aerated concrete plugs

Nylon plug with internal thread for aerated concrete

  • Internally threaded nylon plug with a coarse external threading for pre-installation in aerated concrete.
  • The coarse spiral-shaped outer thread provides a solid grip.
  • Suitable screws are wood-, universal- and machine threaded screws, bolts and studs.
  • Installation is most convenient using the KBT setting tool. Can be installed using an electric drill/driver with low torque or manually with a hex wrench.
  • Temperature range in use -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Suitable conditions related to screw material: ZP for dry indoor and temporary outdoor use; HGD/MG and A2 for dry and humid indoor use, outdoor in rural areas only; A4 for indoor, outdoor and industrial use.

Technical features

Suitable conditions
Dry indoor / Humid indoor, rural outdoor / Outdoor


  • Facade fixings
  • Rainwater pipes
  • Pipe supports
  • Lighting
  • Radiators
  • Signs
  • Letterboxes
  • Motion sensors
  • Distance installations
  • Electrical installations
  • HVAC and plumbing fixings

Base materials

Also suitable for
  • Aerated concrete block

KBT Products

Type Code Eta approval Size Length Drill hole diameter
4 9640075104 No 4 mm 50 mm 10 mm
6 9640075106 No 6 mm 50 mm 10 mm
8 9640075108 No 8 mm 60 mm 12 mm
10 9640075110 No 10 mm 70 mm 14 mm

Additional information