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July 10, 2023

Introducing the S-CSA HEX A4: The Future of Stainless Steel Concrete Screws.

Crafted with care in Finland and born from a keen understanding of the most demanding corrosion conditions, the S-CSA HEX A4 is more than just a concrete screw. It’s an ETA-approved symbol of premium engineering, durability, and exceptional quality. Made of high-quality A4 stainless steel, it boasts of a hardened carbon steel tip and a specialized coating for enhanced endurance and functionality.

Our new S-CSA HEX A4 stainless steel concrete screws are a breakthrough in the world of construction and maintenance, extending our range of industry-leading concrete screws. Built to cater to all types of conditions, the S-CSA HEX A4 is the versatile choice for indoor, outdoor, and even industrial use.

The S-CSA HEX A4 requires only a small drill hole, paving the way for hassle-free installations and swift project completions. With no predefined tightening torque, these screws give you the freedom to adjust according to your needs. The screw’s design allows small relative and edge distances, providing more flexibility and options for your various projects.

One of the standout features of the S-CSA HEX A4 is its full removability. This means it offers unparalleled convenience and adaptability, allowing you to make changes on the fly without damaging your material or the screw itself.

Imagine the possibilities with the S-CSA HEX A4. Whether you are working on auxiliary structures for facades, temporary fixings, seating, shelving, cable trays, handrails, or collars and sole pieces, these stainless steel concrete screws can handle it all with effortless ease.

Invest in the S-CSA HEX A4 for its uncompromising strength and unrivaled flexibility. Step into the future of construction with our innovative and robust stainless steel concrete screws.

Trust in the power of Finnish manufacturing. Trust in the S-CSA HEX A4.

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