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June 03, 2019

KK cable clamps are fire approved!

Sormat cable clamps are CE-marked and fire approved

Sormat’s cable clamps have CE-markings, and KK product group also have a fire approval.

A third party test laboratory performed a fire tests for mechanically loaded KK cable clamps.
All sizes, from KK 12 to KK 82, were tested while attached to the KKKS installation bar and loaded with a maximum central load.
The cable clamps were loaded by suspending dead loads. The clamps were subjected to central tension and thermal load from all sides. In this way, the fire resistance period was determined. The fire tests were performed in accordance with DIN EN 1363-1:2012-10.

The orienting fire test showed that the cable clamps with the relevant corresponding central loads,  did not fail under the influence of thermal stress according to the standard time-temperature curve (TTC).

This means that the type “KK” cable clamps have a fire resistance period above 90 minutes.

Type KP cable clamps are going to get the fire approval during the year 2019.



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