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May 13, 2020

Metal anchors for chemical fastening

For reliable chemical fastenings, You need ITH resin and high-quality metal anchor!

In addition to the chemical resin itself the fastening also requires an anchor, i.e. a threaded rod, stud or bolt made of metal, which is placed after the resin into the borehole within a certain working time.

For example, use a stud or threaded rod as a metal anchor for attaching the base plate of the machine, brush steel for retrofitting, post shoe for a fence post, eye bolt for rock mounting on a platform, etc. NOTE! The metal anchor should always be inserted into the drill hole by slowly twisting and pressing, otherwise there is a risk that the anchor will only push the mass to the bottom of the drill hole!

Kemiallinen vaarna

Chemical anchoring studs are pre-sized metal anchors especially for use with chemical masses and resin ampoules. Studs are sometimes called anchor rods. The studs are intended mainly for professional and industrial use and series installations. Studs are available in different steel strengths. Sormat KEVA, VKS and VH studs have a sharp tip formed by two 45-degree bevels and are supplied with a nut and washer. The base of the studs is marked with its M-size (diameter) and the installation depth according to ETA approval. The studs are equipped with a HEX base for mechanical installation. The sales package includes a HEX sleeve for machine installation. Studs can also be cast in place.


A threaded rod is a metal rod commonly sold by the lenght, the outer surface is threaded. Due to its general nature, the threaded rod is a popular metal anchor in all kinds of chemical fastenings. The installer can, for example, use an angle grinder to shorten the bar to a suitable length. The threaded rod is used in construction, for example in suspension installations required for HVAC and electrical installations. The threaded rod is convenient, for example, for fastenings through block walls. Threaded rods can also be cast in place, but they do not beat the brush steels as grips. Washers and nuts must be purchased separately.


Brush steel is a hot-rolled or cold-formed round steel with transverse brushes to increase the gripping surface between the concrete or anchoring compound and the steel. Brush steel is a cost-effective and easily adaptable type of steel bar type, familiar to all builders, which is commonly used to reinforce concrete. In fastenings, brush steel is usually used for grips, which can either be cast in place or installed after the casting has dried, using anchoring compound. As such, brush steel is prone to corrosion, but concrete protects the steel from rusting.


Any metal anchor with adhesive transverse ridges, external threads, cuts or embossments like bolts, eye bolts, steel bars, etc. can be used with the injection resins.


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