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April 21, 2021

Sormat CAD library now available from ProbLib

Sormat ProdLib

Hey, structural design professional, make Your design more efficient with ProdLib and Sormat product information.

Sormat fixings and anchors are now available in DXF format In the ProdLib product information system, where you can get them for free and effortlessly.

The service includes:

  • Sormat ETA-approved fasteners and anchors
  • Up-to-date and organized product information
  • CAD blocks
  • Information on approvals
  • Links directly to more detailed product information and documents
  •  ITH injection resins consumption calculator

Browse content and add product models directly to AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and AutoCAD LT, among others. One program – everything you need.

Download ProdLib and the Sormat product library for yourself now!

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Download ProdLib

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