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October 12, 2023

System Update Induced Interruption on 3.11.23

We are actively preparing for the launch of our new SAP S/4HANA ERP system, slated for Monday, 6th November 2023, at 06:00. The new system brings along numerous benefits, such as improved efficiency and a higher level of service. This update …

Stainless steel concrete screws
August 18, 2022

Additional embedment depths and approved reusage

The SORMAT concrete screws from the S-CSA family have long proven their true versatility. With the ETA revision and a new national approval, the possible applications of the products have been considerably expanded. An additional, reduced embedment depth of 35 mm …

Sormat catalogue
June 04, 2021

Sormat catalogue available online

Sormat catalogue is now available online. Our new product catalog is intended as a handy tool for you in construction, hardware store or electrical and plumbing field, whether you are working at a construction site, office or a service desk. In …

April 21, 2021

Sormat CAD library now available from ProbLib

Hey, structural design professional, make Your design more efficient with ProdLib and Sormat product information. Sormat fixings and anchors are now available in DXF format In the ProdLib product information system, where you can get them for free and effortlessly. The …

May 13, 2020

Resin calculator helps to estimate the consumption

  ITH Resin installation 1. 1. Drill the right size hole. The required drill bit diameter Ø is larger than the diameter of the metal anchor used. The diameter of the metal anchor also determines the minimum permissible installation depth of …

May 13, 2020

Metal anchors for chemical fastening

For reliable chemical fastenings, You need ITH resin and high-quality metal anchor! In addition to the chemical resin itself the fastening also requires an anchor, i.e. a threaded rod, stud or bolt made of metal, which is placed after the resin …

Multi Layer coating for Sormat S-CSA concrete screws
June 05, 2019

S-CSA with Multi Layer coating

Sormat S-CSA Hex and CS are now also available with high corrosion-resistant Multi Layer Coating (ML). When selecting mechanical fasteners, it is essential to consider how much they are exposed to corrosion when installed. Harmful effects include, for example, humidity, air …

Sormat cable clamps are CE-marked and fire approved
June 03, 2019

KK cable clamps are fire approved!

Sormat’s cable clamps have CE-markings, and KK product group also have a fire approval. A third party test laboratory performed a fire tests for mechanically loaded KK cable clamps. All sizes, from KK 12 to KK 82, were tested while attached …

Sormat S-KA+ concrete screws have C2 seismic approval
June 03, 2019

S-KA+ got a C2 seismic approval

  Sormat’s new S-KA+ through bolts sizes M10 and M12 are now C2 approved for use in earthquake and shock wave areas. The main target markets for the S-KA+ through bolt family are demanding projects where compromise is not an option. …