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December 18, 2018

Completely new S-KA+ through bolt

Sormat S-KA+ through bolt

From the beginning of 2019, the new S-KA+ through bolt will be available. The S-KA + range will cover sizes M8 to M16. The performance of the new S-KA+ through bolt is up to 40% better than in the previous generation anchors. The M10 and M12 size anchors have two different mounting depths, making them more versatile. The S-KA+ through bolt is faster to tighten thanks to the new force section, so you need less tightening cycles and the installation works more vigorously. In addition, S-KA+ requires smaller edge and mutual distances, so it is possible to make installation closer to the concrete edge. S-KA+ is made from a new raw material that makes the body even stronger. Sizes M8 and M10 can be installed in thinner concrete than before. M8 works in 80 mm thick concrete and M10 works in 100 mm thick concrete.

new s-ka+ through bolt


  • ETA-Approved
  • Up to ~ 40% better performance
  • Types M10 and M12 have two different depths of installation
  • Clamps faster, so you need less tightening cycles
  • Smaller edge and mutual distances
  • Thanks to the new raw material, the frame is even stronger
  • M8 and M10 also work in thinner concrete: 80 mm and 100 mm
  • C2 Seismic Approval

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