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May 12, 2016

ITH-Pe is an ETA-approved resin for masonry!

ITH-Pe is an ETA-approved resin for masonry!If it’s an ETA-approved resin you seek, look no further than Sormat’s ITH-Pe injection resin! The recently updated ITH-Pe injection resin now has European Technical Assessment (ETA) approval also for fixing in masonry structures, i.e. brick- and blockwork.

Masonry refers to structural parts laid using clay brick, but the approval also covers so-called blockwork that consists of blocks made of sand lime, such as KAHI, autoclaved aerated concrete, such as Siporex, or light expanded clay aggregate, such as Leca®. This thoroughly ETA-approved resin has also ETA Option 7 approval for non-cracked concrete!

Clear and comprehensive approval makes it easier to design fixings into masonry and blockwork

It is worthwhile reading the new ETA-approval document, as it offers designers a vast and clearly presented package of useful information about the performance of ITH-Pe injection resin according to base material. The fixing base materials used in the ETA assessment are indicated in the approval document.

The approval also allows the steel bolt grades of 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 5.8 and 8.8. Engineers and builders now have even more leeway in determining and selecting the threaded rods or studs to be used in chemical anchors.

Learn more about the ETA and the ETA-approved resin ITH-Pe on the product page.

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