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August 25, 2015

Sormat ETA Option 1 approved Ve resins now available in durable boxes

sormat-boxThe Sormat ITH family has two new members as the ITH 300 and 345 Ve are now available in professional, durable boxes. The ITH 300 Ve PRO-BOX (article number 72990) contains 24 cartridges and the ITH 345 Ve PRO-BOX (article number 72991) 20 cartridges of the ETA Option 1 approved ITH Ve resin.

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Addition to the Sormat Multi-Monti range

The concrete screw with panhead and with the length of 60 mm, MMS- MS 7,5×60 is now available from Sormat. Perfect for installing for example upper kitchen cupboards! For further product information see

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