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August 02, 2015

SORMAT ITH-Pe – a new ETA approved version of our general-purpose polyester injection resin

– It is time to upgrade our cost-efficient and extremely well selling polyester resin to a new level with an ETA assessment.

– The new Sormat ITH-Pe is a 2-component polyester injection resin with an European Technical Assessment in non-cracked concrete (ETA-15/0220, Opt 7).

– It is ideal for applications in concrete, solid brick and hollow brick with threaded rods as well as for porous base materials and hollow structures with sieve sleeves.

– ITH-Pe is a perfect solution for fixing of facades, roof accessories, wood construction, metal constructions, consoles, railings, sanitary devices, cable trays, piping, etc.

– Rapid-curing, Styrene-free, Low odor, Low VOC content (A+), LEED tested

– ITH 165 Pe (art. 72900) and  ITH 300 Pe (art. 72940) in foil-tube, ITH 410 Pe (art. 72941) in coaxial cartridge.


SORMAT ITH 400 EPOX – pure epoxy power in cost-efficient form

– Based on customer needs, Sormat is introducing an updated, cost efficient pure epoxy solution for professional use.

– The ITH 400 EPOX is a 2-component, high-performance pure epoxy resin for the anchoring of threaded rods, reinforcing bars or internal threaded sleeves into concrete and solid masonry.

– The new EPOX has improved behavior in overhead applications and its compressive strength is higher, compared to the previous one.

– EPOX works great in oversized holes with large-diameter studs etc. Extended gel time is convenient when the resin is used in deep boreholes and high ambient temperatures.

– EPOX is an ideal solution for post-installed rebar used in structural connections. It is suitable for underwater use, in overhead installations and in diamond-drilled boreholes.

– Water-impermeable, High chemical resistance, No shrinkage, Low odor, Styrene-free, Grey color

– ITH 400 EPOX (art. 72945) in 1:1 cartridge system


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