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November 25, 2015

Superplus BLS-P for pre-installations available!

Sormat Liebig® Superplus BLS-P for pre-installations available!Sormat Liebig® Superplus BLS is simply the quickest, safest and the most installation friendly self-undercutting anchor in the world. Up to now, the Superplus could be used only in through installations.

After hearing our customers, we designed a new version Superplus type BLS-P suitable for pre-installation or when the drill hole in the fixture itself is small in diameter.

Due to its design, the new Sormat Liebig® Superplus BLS-P is especially useful for overhead installations.

The zinc plated, ETA Option 1 -approved Superplus BLS-P for pre-installation is available now in the most popular sizes. Special sizes we can provide only by request.

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